BnB or Hotel? Which option should you choose in 2021& why

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The loosening of COVID-19 regulations in many countries has seen the comeback of both business and leisure travel.

Granted, COVID-19 has created a new normal for corporate travelers. In-person corporate meetings are with us again. And, you’re probably wondering which would be the best accommodation option. You can’t be extra careful because of the ever-mutating COVID-19 bug. Here are five things you need to consider before picking a lodge or hotel to stay in 2021 and beyond.

  1. COVID-19 is still around
  2. You still need to use hand sanitizers, maintain physical distancing and wear your mask. COVID-19 is still around, and international health experts are advising against complacency, especially for international travelers. Hence, your accommodation option should still be guided by the same March 2020 COVID-19 health guidelines. Pick a place that is not congested and with minimal human interaction. An overnight BnB instead of a hotel would probably be a wise and appropriate choice.

  3. Small-Group Private Meetings
  4. After a hectic corporate meeting, you long for that sundowner drink with friends, enjoy the breeze, and watch the sunset. And Covid-19 shouldn’t steal these travel gems away from you. Hence an accommodation option close to your meeting venue would be the most ideal. Pick somewhere close to social amenities and huge malls for increased convenience and fun. Since most meetings are still held in small groups, an accommodation option that takes private groups would be preferable. Better yet, COVID-19 safe.

  5. Efficient & Personalised service
  6. Nothing is more important to you on a business trip than time, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. You want an efficient and personalized service from the click of your fingers. And the same goes for your meals. Same old regular buffet dishes tend to soil the palate after a couple of days of hectic meetings. Self-contained owner-run lodges or apartments offer you a daily personalized meal plan to suit your unique tastes. Further, it’s easier for you to get the receipts and other paperwork that your finance teams back at the office usually require.

  7. Quiet environment for deep thinking
  8. All business travelers require a quiet environment that allows for innovative and deep thinking. And you’re no exception. The rise in the use of Airbnb has created more travel options. And you know how a wrong choice may spoil a lovely corporate getaway. An option that allows you to either have exclusive use of the whole facility for you and your team encourages team building and a greater awareness of your team players.

  9. One-stop-shop
  10. Most medium-sized corporates are ditching over-prized hotels for self-contained owner-run lodges and apartments that offer both flexibility service and do not break the bank.
    Whether you’re a government, private sector, development agency, or international leisure traveler, you need a one-stop-shop with all the travel information you require. And you do not want to get your travel information from a chatbot. Owner-run lodges allow you to speak to a person who then arranges a personalized package for you and your team.

Hope you will enjoy your next corporate trip albeit safe from COVID-19. GP Apartments offers self-contained lodges close to Harare’s CBD giving you both the flexibility and safety you need.

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